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About Joseph Halperin

Joseph Halperin has spent a lifetime searching for hope, joy, and play in a time of anxiety whether as an artist or in his previous career as an oncologist. His artistic journey began without premeditation. He was in his basement on a late Sunday afternoon and picked up a wall brush, an old floorboard, and a can of house paint and painted a landscape of a place that only existed in his imagination: a strange building of near-infinite windows on the banks of a confluence. The making of that painting was a joyful experience. And then he started painting. A lot. On his own. He taught himself the craft. When he retired from his medical practice, he became an audit student in the Art Practice Program at the University of California, Berkeley. In appreciation for the opportunity to audit classes, he built the program art tables and storage units. For the past 24 years, Halperin has been a full-time painter.  Hundreds of his paintings are hanging in Johns Hopkins Hospital waiting rooms and other nonprofit health organizations. Fields of color and whimsey engage and delight patients and their families. His work has been reviewed and selected for numerous peer-reviewed jury shows. He is now looking for a gallery to represent his latest work, mixed-media constructions.   

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